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  Learning & Development
  We educate and develop our clients’ personnel enabling them
to have a positive, measurable impact on productivity in their organization.
Our Learning & Development Services
  Comprehensive Knowledge and Ability Assessments
Custom Interventions
Curriculum Development
Learning and Development Deliverables
  Customer Collaboration
Negotiating in a Category
Management Environment
Category Management I & II
Fact Based Selling
Financials – Account P&L’s
Financials – Retailers
Understanding Retailers Strategies
Effectively Using Scan Data
Effectively Using Consumer Data

Presentation Skills (Development)
Presentation Skills (Delivery)
Selling To Retail Stores
Sales Agency Management
Team Leadership
Strategic Thinking
Distributor Management
Today’s Retail Environment/Industry Overview
Training Needs Assessments
Custom Workshops

Learning & Development Approach
Needs Assessment
Understand Your Needs
Discovery Interview
Adult Learning Process with Your Input
Visual Learners
Auditory Learners
Kinetic Learners
Synchronous or Asynchronous Design
Client Review
Retailer Input
Brian K. – Safeway
Bob S. – Safeway
Mike W. – Kroger
Bob C. – Walmart
Cathy L. - Walgreens
Fast Paced, High Energy, Participatory
Web Based Reinforcement
Management Follow-Up Tools
Coaching Tools
CMS Value:
Gap Analysis
Skill vs. Importance
Rep Opinion vs. Manager Opinion
Retailer Input
Management Input
Simple or Complete
CMS Value:
We Address Your Specific Training Needs
CMS Value:
People Learn Differently. We Address All Learning Styles.
CMS Value:
Gives You Time to Assure we are Addressing Your Learning Objectives
CMS Value:
People Learn When:
A New Valid Point of View is Presented
The Energy Level is High
You Have Seasoned Facilitators
CMS Value:
Learning is not Retained well unless it is Reinforced
Reinforcement Assures a Good Training ROI