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CMS Consulting, Inc
500 Purdy Hill Road, Suite 6
Monroe, CT 06468
Office: 203-445-1974
Fax: 203-445-1980
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  About Us
              Helping CPG Clients Improve
                      Sales Performance Since 1992

CMS Consulting has served the consumer packaged goods industry since 1992. Our clients range in size from $30 million to over $20 billion and include a wide variety of HBC, Grocery and General Merchandise companies. Our team of consultants each have over 25 years of industry experience in both sales and marketing line positions and in consulting.

Our Mission is to offer the best, most personalized customer management solutions to our clients, enabling them to build a competitive advantage.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Client satisfaction and success are the measures of a "job well done".
2. The best solutions are most often co-developed, participatory efforts between us and our clients.
3. Solutions aren't solutions unless they are based on real world, implementable recommendations.
4. Consulting is an investment which should return an acceptable value to our clients.
5. Our solutions are unique to each client's specific needs.

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